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房地产业在中国是新兴产业,但在国外许多国家已是成熟的产业。国外对房地产业的理论研究已有三百多年的历史。早在1662年,英国古典政治经济学的创始人威廉配第(W. Petty, 1623-1687) 在其著作《赋税论》中指出,劳动是财富之父,土地是财富之母。他第一次提出了级差地租的概念,并对级差地租、土地价等作了初步阐述,开创了早期房地产业理论研究的先河[162]


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The real estate industry is a new domain in China, but a ripe one in many oversea countries. The history of the study and research about real estate theories in these countries is more than three hundred years. As early as in 1662, the British initiator of classic political economy, William Petty (1623-1687), has pointed out in his work The Taxation Theory that labor is the father of the wealth and land is the mother. He proposed for the first time the concept of level difference rents and made initial exposition upon level difference rents, land rates, etc. His study started the early research upon real estate theories (162).