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... for the due and punctual payment of all sums and the due and proper performance of all obligations, whether actual, contingent or potential, which the Borrower may in the past or now or in the future owe to the Lender, or to the Lender's successors in title or assigns, arising out of a Facility as set out in the Facility Letter dated _______________ 2008 entered into between the Lender and the Borrower as amplified by any term sheet in respect thereof issued by the Lender and accepted by the Borrower ("the Secured Debt").


The Surety will, on demand, pay to the Lender all monies and discharge all liabilities which now are or shall at any time be due to the Lender by the Borrower by virtue of the Secured Debt together with all interest, costs, commission and other banking charges and expenses which the Lender may charge and all costs, charges and expenses (costs on taxation to be on an attorney and client basis) which the Lender may incur in obtaining payment of the sums of money due to the Lender from the Borrower by virtue of the Secured Debt.


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