Professional Chinese (Mandarin) - English Translation

We bridge you and another world.
Good translation helps

Has Chinese got your tongue tied? Feel frustrated faced with a pile of documents in another language? Considering the size of the Mandarin and the English speaking populations in the world, the scale of confusion can be dumb-founding. G & R is happy to help you on all occasions.

What we DO?

G & R is a two-people team dealing mainly with the translation and interpretation between Chinese (Mandarin) and English in Cape Town, South Africa. Both Gina Wang and Richard Zhao are sworn translator of English and Chinese registered with the High Court of South Africa.

We do expert translations of various written documents. The documents we are able to handle include academic articles, business reports and contracts, technical articles, letters, emails, and web pages, etc.

As the team is based in Cape Town, South Africa, the interpretation for meetings, conferences, tours, and business trips is basically limited to Cape Town and surrounding areas. However, if you need our service in other places, feel free to contact us to make possible arrangements.

We do voiceover in mandarin Chinese, or as you may require, in English with a Chinese accent.


what you pay?

Both Gina and Richard are freelance translators who work individually or as a team. We offer professional translation at a reasonably lower rate. You can email us your documents for a free quotation and we will reply within 24 hours.