Rates for Professional Translation between Chinese and English

Good translation helps

Has Chinese got your tongue tied? Feel frustrated faced with a pile of documents in another language? Considering the size of the Mandarin and the English speaking populations in the world, the scale of confusion can be dumb-founding. G & R is happy to help you on all occasions.


Rates for translation between English and Chinese are negotiable depending on the topic and size of the document and the deadline of completion of the job.

The following rates are only referential:

General materials: R 0.50 - R 0.65 per word (character);

Academic, technical and professional materials: R 0.60 - R 0.90 per word (character);

Interpretation for meetings, conferences, telephone communication, etc.: R 150 - R 400 per hour or R 900 per day.

Rate for voiceover is provided on request.

Please contact us for a free quotation of the translation of your documents.